About Us

The Ecological Recycling Society (Ecorec) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with over 25 years of experience in implementing sustainable waste management projects in Greece. It was founded in 1990 with a specific vision: to promote waste prevention, re-use, recycling and composting activities as well as actions and policies supporting sustainable management of waste& natural resources within the framework of the Circular Economy at the local, national and EU levels.
Our goals focus on achieving or promoting policies related to:
• Waste Prevention and sustainable waste management
• Closing the loop in the context of a dynamic implementation of integrated Circular Economy policies
• Developing economic tools and incentives
• Separation at source and separate collection
• Promoting Social Economy through Prevention, Reuse and Recycling
• Organization and support of programs to local authorities and businesses.
• Environmental education and awareness raising
• Sustainable management of natural resources
• Sustainable production and consumption
• Sustainable Procurement Policy

The launch of the ECO Observatory

In order to improve recycling performance rates and encourage best practices, Ecorec has launched an ambitious initiative with the creation of the Circular Economy ECO-Observatory.
The overall organization and operation concerns the systematic monitoring and evaluation of Sustainable waste management data in Greece, as well as the monitoring of international Best Available Techniques in waste management.
The ECO-Observatory funding will come from:
a) support from sustainable waste management stake holders that share common goals with the ECO-Observatory,
b) Ecorec’s own resources and volunteers,
c) potential financial support from public bodies.
The cooperation with supporters is not binding, nor does it affect the ECO Observatory assessments and recommendations on good practices by any sustainable waste management operators/handlers.
The ECO Observatory retains full independence in composing its opinions and proposals.

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