The Ecological Recycling Society , seeing the slow pace, existing gaps and obstacles to the increased development of sustainable waste management, has decided to launch a new and ambitious initiative with the creation of a Circular Economy Environmental Observatory in Greece called the “ECO Observatory”.
The ECO Observatory will operate autonomously and independently of the responsible authorities and from all relevant interested parties.


The main objective of ECO Observatory is:

“To reach much higher prevention, preparation for reuse, recycling, composting,and finally, diversion from landfilling targets , for existing and new product categories and materials”.

This will be achieved through the use of specific tools and actions, including:
  • Monitoring

    The systematic monitoring of the basic data and indicators used to measure waste management in Greece.
  • Evaluation Report

    The preparation and publication of an annual evaluation report on the course of sustainable waste management in Greece, including specific proposals for the rapid improvement of recycling rates.
  • Awards

    The organization of an annual award, for sustainable waste management operators, who excelled in implementing Best Environmental Practices.
  • Complaints Investigation

    Investigation of serious complaints concerning the sustainable waste management smooth functioning in our country and contribution in resolving them.
  • Communication Actions

    Targeted communication and promotion actions ofsustainable waste management in Greece.
  • Research

    Implementation of research programs on sustainable waste management and the Circular Economy in general.

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